Madison Truess: Chapter President of Forest Ridge and Director of Political Affairs

I have been incredibly lucky to work with Jill over this past year in JSA. She is punctual, engaged, adaptable, and a resilient leader. Her devotion to her position as the Director of Chapter Internal Affairs and the entire JSA organization is unparalleled. It is this vast experience Jill has that sets her apart. She knows the ins and outs of running a chapter, managing the wellbeing of every chapter in the Pacific Northwest, as well as planning and supervising a convention as the Speaker of the House for Winter Congress.

I can honestly say that I have never met anybody more dedicated to this organization. Jill lives and breathes JSA and she is the ultimate model Stateswoman. But, not only is she dedicated to JSA, she is dedicated to all of the Statesmen and Stateswomen in the PNW. I know this about Jill from firsthand experience.

I have seen the way Jill can genuinely connect to people and show that she truly cares about their situation. She greets everyone with “Hello friends!” and she means it. Jill treats everyone with the same respect that she would treat a close friend, and I know that this wonderful character she possesses will translate perfectly to her position as Governor.


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