Haille Lantz: Director of Communications and OR Director of Civics Now

I have been beyond lucky to work with Jill this year on cabinet and even luckier to get to know her as a person.  Jill was one of the first people in JSA that ever reached out to me, and since then I have been lucky enough to witness her dedication, passion, and amazing qualifications first hand. If there was anyone I had to call with any JSA issue or need Jill would be on the top of my list. Her devotion to JSA is unmatched. She will do anything to make sure that every level of JSA is running to the best of it’s ability. Along with that, Jill constantly strives to understand and make connections with every delegate she meets.  When faced with a difficult situation she is able to handle it with grace and think on her toes which a vital characteristic for a position like PNW Governor. I believe that Jill is beyond qualified to serve as PNW Governor. When the time comes I hope you vote for the most qualified candidate along with me and I strongly believe that candidate is Jill Lambie.

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