Expansion and the State: Social Media as an Expansion Tool

As a member of the IER, I feel it is a personal responsibility to aid my mayor in growing our region. To do this, I have utilized my personal social media accounts, where I engage in political discourse, to meet other politically active high schoolers in my community. This has led me to gain multiple expansion contacts from other schools that are currently being developed into chapters.


  • Have expansion agents use their social media accounts to engage in political discussion
    • Use the interactions with their post to reach out to people from schools that are not apart of JSA


  • Better utilize JSA social media accounts as a tool for expansion
    • On social media, particularly Twitter, high schoolers are actively expressing their political opinions. If we made the JSA page into a hub of political discourse, we could seek out new members.
      • Make JSA pages a center of discourse by creating debate threads, having conversations about new policies, and updating feed with current events on the account

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