Expansion and the State: Increasing Advertisement

In order to advance expansion and increase the number of potential contacts it is essential to rethink how we advertise. PNW JSA will become increasingly invested in our advertising by ensuring our organization reaches more schools. I believe it should be a priority of our state to expand the IER and OR, so my efforts will be particularly intensive in these areas.


  • Increase presence and advertisement on social media by advertising on school’s social media pages who do not have a JSA, given that they have a social media presence
  • Talk to schools who do not have JSA and advertise in their schools with eye catching materials and literature
    • Provide materials that will include their regional mayor contact information
  • Contact school administrators to establish a relationship and seek Teacher Advisors through them. Then with the assistance of TA and social media, find potential members and chapter leadership
  • Work with local political organizations to communicate with interns and volunteers who are interested in starting chapters



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