Refining Cabinet: Press Secretary

One major goal of Executive Cabinet will be to create a more transparent cabinet that’ll be receptive of all input and feedback from the state. In order to achieve this a new position will be created, the Press Secretary. The responsibilities of the Press Secretary are as follows:

  • Once a month the Press Secretary will write a newsletter titled Junior State of the Union. This will update delegates on the progress cabinet is making, any new state initiatives, and remind the state of any important upcoming events!
  • It will also be a responsibility of the Press Secretary to ensure that delegates are given the opportunity to review and give feedback to cabinet by generating reviews (via google forms) every other month regarding the performance of executive cabinet for delegates to complete.
  • The cabinet Facebook page is going to be made public and will be receiving messages at all times. It will be the job of the Press Secretary to ensure that these questions are answered expediently.

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