Frances Taylor, Chapter President of Holy Names Academy & Assistant Director of Technology

I am proud to announce my endorsement of Jill Lambie for PNW Governor. Over the past five months, I have been very lucky to work closely with Jill. She has been an exemplary cabinet member, demonstrating that she possesses each and every attribute which would make her an exceptional Governor. Jill’s outright devotion to JSA is evident in her work ethic. When my chapter faced administration related hurdles, Jill was unwavering in her search for solutions. She listened to my chapter’s needs, and came up with thoughtful, unique ideas in order to accommodate my chapter’s needs. Jill also communicated with me on the daily trying to find a resolution. Jill has shown me time and time again that her dedication to problem solving and helping others is unparalleled.

Jill has also done exemplary work as the director of CIA. Her collaboration with other delegates makes it possible for JSA to function seamlessly as a student-run organization. Because of her work, Jill has a understands the effort and passion required to be a successful Governor. She is capable of delegating work to others, while working with all chapters in the Pacific Northwest to ensure our chapters reach their maximum potential.

To make it short, this is why you should vote Jill Lambie for Governor: she is a hard worker, a forward thinker, a great listener, and an incredible JSA delegate. She will make a fantastic Governor.


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